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What do the Best Borrowers Have in Common?

Updated: May 4, 2022

All of our best borrowers, have one thing in common, they have tremendous work ethics. They work relentlessly each day to accomplish their mission. A little story from years ago illustrates this point well….

Several years ago, I showed up at a property at 7AM and when I arrived, I saw my borrower standing in the front yard hand watering the grass. The sun was still rising and I asked him how long he had been there. He responded by saying, “I wake up at 430AM every morning with my eyes wide open and can’t wait to get into the City to start working. I love it here, there is no place like the US, where someone who grew up as poor as me can work hard and make a great life for himself. I am excited to start working every day Brian and I love building these houses.” At that moment, I know he had “it” and after funding over 40 deals to him, I was right. Day after day, year after year, I would show up on job sites and see my borrower driving a back hoe because one of the workers didn’t show up or carrying something into a building to help move things along. As his business grew and he went from 10 units a year to 20 and then to 60 and then to 80, it was always the same. Working hard to keep the projects moving, always bouncing from one job to the next and doing whatever needed to be done to execute a great project.

Over the years, this borrower has achieved many great things and he deserves every ounce of his success, because he has worked relentlessly to achieve his goals. We have helped along the way, but it’s his story, we have just been there as a proud guide helping where we were needed.

Sound like you? If you work hard and need a little help in your journey, please reach out to us. Yes, we provide real estate loans, but most of all, we love helping borrowers by providing the guidance they need to be successful.

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