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Commercial Loans

Congressional Capital provides loans for the acquisition, renovation and stabilization of commercial office and retail properties throughout the Washington, DC metro area. For example, we recently closed a $3 million second deed of trust on a shopping center in Maryland. In total, we have financed three shopping centers for more than $6 million.


As the leading hard money lender in DC, we have extensive local experience with adding value on development projects. We are interested in any real estate development that has a solid return profile located in Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland. That often means commercial and retail. 


With experience bringing a wide range of projects to completion, we provide crucial business and strategic advice. Our team can structure, negotiate and close the full array of project and financing agreements to suit each client's needs. We can help connect you to the best architects, lawyers, sales agents, title companies, and other valued consultants to help you make your commercial project a success. Our flexible and competitive offerings, combined with significant expertise, creates value that traditional lenders cannot match. Contact us today to learn more.

Maryland & Virginia Shopping Centers

Congressional Capital, LLC has provided a series of loans totaling more than $6 million to refinance three shopping centers in Prince George's County, Maryland and Fairfax County, Virginia. We are actively pursuing more commercial loans, and you can apply for one now.

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