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About Congressional Capital

We are the leading Hard Money Lender in DC and are committed to being a reliable resource when our borrowers need us most. We provide land loans, acquisition loans, construction loans and second trust loans to provide equity for borrowers who obtain a first trust loan from a local bank. While many lenders provide these types of loans, we are unique because we use our expertise in the development of single-family homes and multi-family properties to help our borrowers be successful. How? We regularly connect them to architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals whom we have worked with in the past - all to help our borrowers execute their projects with excellence. As developers ourselves, we also know the consequences of delaying a closing or the funding of a draw payment, so we pride ourselves in being reliable and incredible responsive to our borrowers needs. In short, we have built the business around what developers need to be successful and that is why our borrowers have among the highest success rates in the industry.

Our Culture and Values

At Congressional Capital, our company is built around our core belief that success in life and in business is all about being with the right people.  Our goal is to provide loans to good people who work hard to develop great projects.  Along the way, we build trusted relationships with our borrowers who know that they can rely upon us to execute when they need us the most.  We have funded hundreds of loans over the years and are proud to have played a role in helping so many developers go from that first house flip or condominium project to building a business that has changed the course of their lives. 



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