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If you are looking for a hard money loan in Northern Virginia - at Congressional Capital, we have establised a Northern Virginia hard money lender specific platform check us out.

While terms may differ on specific projects, we offer the following general terms for our residential rehab hard money loans:​

     • ARV: Up to 70% of the ARV of the property 
     • Length of Term: 6 Month Balloon Note (longer on case-by-case basis)
     • Payments: Monthly interest only payments usually required
     • Fees: No application fees

     • Points: Points vary depending on the loan but are competitive

     • Rates: We charge rates based on the market and project but are competitive with all DC lenders

     • Closing: Usually within 514 days of approval
     • Commitment: Same day or next day if application requirements are met 

     • Draws: Flexible draw schedules for renovation money

     • No prepayment penalty: We do not penalize you for paying us back sooner
     • No second mortgages: We only lend in the first position
     • Amounts: From $150,000 to $5,000,000

     • No Personal Information:  No employment verification, proof of funds, etc.

Congressional Capital is a trusted and respected hard money lender in the Washington, DC area. We are a direct lender and have private money under our control. We have streamlined the hard money lending process to get you the funds you need – fast. You deal directly with the decision makers – not a loan committee – and we can negotiate hard money deals personally and quickly.  A completed application, meeting, and tour of the property is usually all we need.

Fill out our simple hard money loan application and then we will meet you to discuss the deal. It is really that easy. We believe that properties and loans should stand for themselves a good deal with good metrics should make money. We work with dedicated, professional borrowers and give them the respect they deserve to help them develop properties as they see fit. Part of that respect is to place the emphasis on an easy application and approval process you won't find an easier one in the DC metro area. 

Our Hard Money Lending Process:

Step 1: Submit a hard money loan application online, email us, or call us at 202-810-2271.

Step 2: We review the application and, if necessary, request any supplemental material.

Step 3: If the hard money loan application fits our preliminary requirements, we contact you to set up a walk-through of the property and have a meeting to discuss your request. We like to meet with you and view properties within a day of the application being submitted but are flexible based on borrower timing requirements.

Step 4: Based on the application and meeting, we provide a Term Sheet (an outline of how the loan will be structured). We deliver the Term Sheet within 24 hours from our walk-through.

Step 5: If you approve the Term Sheet, we immediately begin drafting loan documents for the transaction and setting a closing date.


Step 6: We close the transaction and wire the funds you need for purchase. Our entire process from application to closing takes as little as one week if needed.

We Make Obtaining a Hard Money Loan Easy

We Provide Fast Direct, Private Hard Money Loans in DC

Since we are a direct, private lender with significant resources from which to draw, Congressional Capital has the fastest turnaround times in the area. Borrowers want to get in and out of properties fast – our goal is to make sure that you can do that with solid funds behind you. Contact us today to learn more about how our speed can help you and your development project.

In Congressional Capital, you get a dedicated and expert hard money lender in DC committed to helping every project succeed. We commit to:


      > Fair terms – we do not charge interest on undrawn construction funds

      > Guiding borrowers through the hard money lending process – it’s easy but we are here to help

      > Closing loans fast – we can get same-day commitment letters and can close in a week or less

      > Making the process easy – we simplify borrowing – no more complex bank paperwork

      > Removing the red tape – no hoops, closing delays, no big bank problems – we promise!

      > No personal financial due diligence – no tax forms, credit scores, etc.

      > Being a true lender – leverage our expertise, knowledge and network to make deals stand out

We work with a variety of borrowers in the area who do renovate and flip or residential rehab projects in Washington, DC. Most of our clients purchase distressed properties at below market prices usually off-market. They then renovate or remodel the property  modern appliances, kitchen and bath materials, hardwood floors, decks, etc. Upon completion, the properties look like a new build on the inside. Borrowers put the home on the market and a retail buyer will make an offer using conventional or FHA financing. Borrowers usually make a nice profit when they sell at retail price after the rehab!

Our Typical Fix and Flip or Residential Rehab Loan

Hard Money Loan Terms​  Residential Rehab/Flips

Hard Money Loan Terms​ -

Condo Conversions | Commercial | New Construction

Terms may differ on specific projects, but we offer the following general terms for condo conversions, commercial development, new construction and other standard hard money loan deals. The terms are generally consistent with above, although every deal gets approved and funded on a case-by-case basis.​

     • ARV: Up to 70% of the ARV of the property
     • Length of Term: 6 to 18 Month Balloon Note (depending on project type and scope)
     • Types: New Construction (Single Family Homes, New Row Houses or Multi-Unit Residential), 

       Commercial Properties, Condo Conversion, Multi-Unit Conversions, Mixed Use Developments and

       Other Income Producing Properties

     • Rates: We charge rates depending on the market but are competitive with all DC lenders

     • Funds: We fund acquisition and construction from our minimum loan amount up to our maximum

       ARV ratio.

     • Draws: Flexible draw schedules for repair money in accordance with our draw schedule

     • Undrawn funds: We do not charge interest on undrawn construction funds

     • No prepayment penalty: We do not penalize you for paying us back sooner


> No Interest on undrawn

    construction funds

> No prepayment penalties

> No interest lockout

> We can waive extension fees

> We keep your loan in our name


 > Up to 70% LTV for ARV

 > Flexible term lengths

 > Close in as fast as 7 days

 > No personal credit review

 > Loan Sizes: $150k - $5m

 > Interest Only Payments with no

    prepayment penalty

 > Competitive Rates

 > No Interest on undrawn

    construction funds


When we say fast, we really mean it.  We can meet almost any time deadline if the borrower is committed and available and helps.  We can even offer:

   >  Same Day Commitment


   >  Closings in 5 Days or Faster!

   >  Same Day Draws  




All loan transactions funded by Congressional Capital are based on our core values:

   > Speed - Fast Approvals + Funds

   > Flexibility - We get loans done

   > Terms - We offer fair terms

   > Local Knowledge - DC experts

   > People - Good People = Good



We can loan against most types of projects as we pride ourselves on flexibility, but most of our loans are for:

   > Single Family Home Rehabs

   > Townhouse/Rowhouse Rehabs

   > Condo Conversions

   > Rental Rehabs

   > Multi-Unit Residential

   > Vacant Land / Development

   > New Construction

   > Commercial / Retail


As local lenders, we loan only in the Washington, DC Richmond, VA and Hampton Roads metro areas.  We believe that national lenders can't come close to the value we offer by being true experts locally.



Check out our FAQ or call or email us today!  We've done almost any type of deal imaginable so don't hesitate to call if your deal is complicated or outside the box.