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Private Lending
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your loan terms?
    Our loan terms vary depending upon the level of experience of the Borrower, our history with the Borrower (if any), how much money the Borrower is putting down at closing and the total loan amount requested in comparison to the exit value of the property.
  • Will you work with brokers?
    Yes. We just need to work out a fee agreement up front.
  • Where do you offer loans?
    We provide loans in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland as well as south Florida.
  • Do you offer loans to first time flippers?
    Yes we love first time flippers and do quarterly events to try to help educate them on the process.
  • Do you offer land loans?
    We routinely provide loans to developers building ground up single family homes or apartment buildings on raw land.
  • Do you provide construction financing?
    Yes, construction financing is a big part of what we do.
  • How quickly are construction draws funded?
    If the Borrower provides us all of the information we need and the title update can be completed in time we regularly fund in as quickly as three days and certainly pride ourselves in funding faster than any bank.
  • What kind of resources can you provide a Borrower other than funding?
    We routinely connect Borrowers with construction professionals, zoning lawyers, architects, and other consultants that we have used over the years to help our Borrowers be successful.
  • Do you provide educational content for your Borrowers?
    Yes. We regularly do Zoom and Learns and other events to help educate local developers on the things that matter to achieve development success.
  • Do you require appraisals?
    No. We don't use appraisals because we know the market incredibly well and we rely upon our trusted real estate agents’ opinion of value.
  • Do you provide second trust loans?
    We do, but we typically only provide second trust loans to borrowers that have a track record of success borrowing from Congressional Capital, LLC.
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