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A Private Lender That Stands Out in Washington, D.C.

Congressional Capital's Commitment to Speed, Flexibility,
Good People and Partnership Sets Us Apart

Our excellent reputation as a Hard Money / Private Money Lender is built on our ability to provide fast financing solutions for borrowers who need quick, creative financing solutions. However, Congressional Capital goes beyond quick closings and quick money – we are a trusted lender who collaborates with borrowers to ensure project success. As a direct, Private Hard Money / Private Money Lender, we can provide a quick decision on your loan application, allowing our borrowers to get their closing funds fast. We simplify the lending process and provide hard money loans quickly and on competitive and flexible terms. 

Why Borrow From Us?

There are many reasons to choose Congressional Capital including:


We can provide a commitment letter the same day you submit an application and can close in as fast as 3 days.


We lend locally - in the DC area only. You will not get lost in the hassle of a big company or a big bank. We know the DC area.


We offer flexible terms and agile loan programs. If it is a good deal, we figure out a way to work together.


We loan up to 70% Loan-to-After Repair Value (ARV). Learn more about our terms.  


We offer years of expertise and knowledge to our borrowers so that even if you are new to the business, you can excel.


We commit to the success of each project and leverage our resources to achieve best outcomes. 


Our President is involved personally in each deal. You have a direct line to him at all times.


We believe that good people are key to any successful endeavor. We loan to good people who get great results.


We offer competitive rates and do not charge prepayment penalties or interest on undrawn construction funds.

Our Core Values Lead to Results

Our lending process is focused around 6 values: Speed, Local Expertise, Flexibility, Fair Terms, Good People, and Committed Partnership. At each stage of the lending process, we focus on our core values to help achieve the best outcomes for borrowers. We know a trusted and committed lending partner can mean the difference between getting a deal and not. Thus, we focus on each borrower and deal to make sure you have the best opportunity to make your project a tremendous success.

​We believe in integrity and focus on building trusted relationships.  We are up-front with our borrowers about terms and conditions. We believe in transparency and developing a trusted reputation in the community. We feel strongly that our reputation is the most important asset of our company and strive to uphold our strong sense of integrity and fairness in every relationship

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A Trusted Advisor

When we say we are a trusted advisor, we mean it. We understand some borrowers have done this a hundred times and are only focused on rates – they are the exception, however. Most of our borrowers keep coming back to us because we add value to the loan and development process. We have experience doing deals from every side – all types of projects, all types of neighborhoods, in all types of economic climates. We have built a team of trusted professional service providers that our borrowers can leverage to ensure their deal achieves maximum potential.

If there is a particular problem with a deal or a special issue that you run into, Congressional Capital can help you solve it. Our relationships with the best brokers, lawyers, architects, title companies, attorneys and more are quickly available to our borrowers. More importantly, our management is available to talk about a specific development issue or to talk strategically about the market or opportunities in general. You will not find access like this with any other hard money lender.


Local Expertise and Connections

Congressional Capital focuses on the Washington, DC metro area. We are the leading hard money lender in the region for a reason – we have intimate knowledge and unparalleled connections. We are from this area, know this area, and our President grew up watching his father develop real estate in this area. We are as local as it gets.


We see things from a borrowers' perspective in the DC market. Our team has successfully completed countless local DC real estate loan projects (flips and rehabs, condo conversions, multi-unit residential, ground up construction, and more). Our team has also developed numerous projects in the Washington, DC area. Wealth of knowledge on the local market and industry is a key asset that you can leverage in your projects to your advantage. We can help you avoid the common mistakes we see borrowers make every day.


At Congressional Capital, we are very sensitive to the market changes. Many borrowers don't have time to focus on these types of issues. However, we are always looking for opportunities that present themselves in each cycle and offer expert advice to our borrowers on when deals and trends may be heading in a different direction. Markets change – it is only a matter of time – but Congressional Capital looks out for you

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