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Private Lending Programs

Premier Provider of Short-Term, Hard Money Loans in the DC Area


Congressional Capital offers fast and flexible hard money loans for developers in the Washington, DC area and in Florida. We are experts at financing house flips, condo and apartment projects and commercial deals in the Washington, D.C. area.  We are fast and flexible, which allows our borrowers to take advantage of opportunities where speed, flexibility and creativity allow them to create real value in a competitive market.    


We specialize in non-conventional situations that often require quick closings or flexible loans that banks and traditional lenders can't do or would require weeks or months to approve and close.   We don’t have any strict down payment requirements, nor are we focused on loan to cost or other metrics that matter to conventional banks.  We focus on finding good people who work hard to execute and being creative in our loan structures to meet their needs.  Learn more below about some of the types of loans we do, or contact us to discuss your specific needs. If you need a hard money loan in the DC area and want us to take a look at your deal, you can go directly to our application page here.

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Condominium + Apartment Acquisition and Development Loans

Congressional Capital provides acquisition and development loans for condominium conversion projects and apartment renovation projects throughout Washington, DC.  In fact, we have financed hundreds of these types of loans over the years.  Most of our borrowers create real value by buying properties that need significant construction to unlock their maximum value.  We are experts in financing and developing 2-30 unit condominium and apartment deals in the DC area and use that expertise to help you succeed!

We are much more flexible than most local lenders in our loan structures and our terms are competitive, but the real advantage that you get with us is that we share our expertise and contacts with our borrowers to help them succeed.  Knowledge and connections are true keys to success and we use both to help borrowers succeed! Contact us today to learn more.

Short Term House Flip Loans

Congressional Capital has provided numerous loans on house flips over the years, everything from small cosmetic renovations to gut renovations where the borrower underpins the foundation, adds a floor to the property and expands the rear of the property.  Why do borrowers come to us for loans on house flips?  Because speed and flexibility matter.  We know the market so well that we don’t use appraisals so we can close very quickly, often in 3-5 days. Learn more about our hard money loans in DC, including standard terms, or apply for a hard money loan right now.

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Mezzanine Debt + Second Trust Loans

We offer second trust loans in the Washington, DC area for developers seeking to finance some or all of the equity that a conventional lender requires for an acquisition and/or construction loan. We have worked with most of the local banks as a second trust lender and are happy to look at providing a portion of the equity needed for the right development projects.


What matters to us when looking at a second trust?

1. Do we have a good relationship with the first trust lender?

2. Is the borrower putting some equity into the deal?

3. Is the first trust plus the second trust less than 75% of the after renovated value?

If this sounds like your situation, Contact us to learn more about how we may be able to work together.

Commercial Loans

We provide loans for the acquisition, renovation and stabilization of commercial office and retail properties throughout the Washington, DC metro area. In fact, we have provided second trust loans on multiple shopping centers in the DC area where our borrower needed funds to do tenant improvements and/or for other purposes to maximize the value of his shopping centers. Learn more here.

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