Premier Provider of DC Hard Money Loans, Mezzanine Debt and Project Equity


Congressional Capital offers fast and flexible hard money loans and direct private loans for developers in the Washington, DC metro area. We are experts at financing opportunistic real estate transactions in DC and provide unique private financing alternatives to meet every project’s need. We allow our borrowers to seize opportunities quickly and offer numerous benefits that come with years of local experience. 


We specialize in non-conventional situations that often require quick closings or flexible loans that banks and traditional lenders can't do or would require weeks or months to approve and close. Our debt and equity programs are flexible in terms of size, maturity, structure, leverage and product type. Learn more about some of our programs below, or contact us to discuss any potential loan type. If you need a hard money loan in DC, you can go directly to our application page here.

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Condominium + Apartment Construction Loans
Example of Dc Condo Building Funded by Hard Money Loan

Congressional Capital provides acquisition and construction loans for condominium conversion projects and apartment renovation projects throughout Washington, DC. We’ve provided several loans to developers who buy small apartment buildings, renovate them, and then lease the buildings prior to re-financing with a conventional lender. Congressional Capital has also provided several loans to small condominium conversion projects ranging from 2-20 units throughout the Washington, DC metro area. Our team is dedicated to offering competitive rates and true value as a lender.

With experience bringing a wide range of projects to completion, we provide business and strategic advice. Our team also can structure, negotiate and close the full array of project and financing agreements to suit each client's needs. We can help connect you to the best architects, lawyers, sales agents, title companies, and other valued consultants as we can provide strategic guidance on how to make your project a success. Our flexible offerings are competitive with market lenders while adding significant expertise and deal value that traditional lenders can't match. Contact us today to learn more.

Short Term Renovate + Flip Loans | Hard Money Rehab Loans

Congressional Capital provides short-term hard money loans and fix and flip rehab loans for acquiring and renovating row houses and single family homes in the metro DC area. We are a private direct lender – perfect for the real estate developer or investor who needs no-hassle short term financing for residential acquisition, rehab and closing cost funds.

Our hard money loans are for borrowers that do not have the time to search and wait for a traditional loan to be approved. Many of our borrowers can get bank financing, but banks are too slow to get the deal done in time. Congressional Capital can provide borrowers just getting started in the business the funds they need to do their crucial first deal. Using hard money is about finding private capital that provides speed and flexibility to close the deal quickly and execute a successful deal. Congressional Capital knows what borrowers need and has put together a responsive team and competitive terms that can get you in the property and renovating quickly. Learn more about our hard money loans in DC, including standard terms, or apply for a hard money loan right now.

Example of Rehab and Renovation in DC
Equity + Joint Venture Finance
Example of DC Real Estate Equity Project

As the leading hard money lender in DC, we have extensive experience with adding value on development projects and are interested in potential equity and joint venture financing possibilities. We are interested in any residential real estate development that has a solid return profile located in the DC area. We focus on condo and apartment developments but can lend on many types of projects with the right profile. We can structure equity investments and joint ventures in numerous ways – from being a minority equity partner to full partnerships with active participation in development.

With Congressional Capital, you will find a team focused on driving value at all phases and leveraging our extensive network and resources to develop outstanding projects that are easy to sell and profitable. So contact us today if you have any project where you need an equity partner.

Mezzanine Debt + Second Trust Loans

We offer mezzanine loans in the Washington, DC area for developers seeking supplementary financing for development projects (usually in cases where the primary mortgage or construction loan equity requirements are larger than 10%). Our team at Congressional Capital quickly reviews projects and works with primary lenders to ensure a quick and efficient closing. 

We understand large projects and the flexibility developers need to close a deal fast. We also draw on significant experience with many of the area's local banks and large real estate lenders and bring a trusted second lender to deals that primary lenders are comfortable with. Contact us to learn more about our mezzanine loan programs.

DC Condos Funded By Mezzanine Debt
Commercial Loans

We provide loans for the acquisition, renovation and stablization of commercial office and retail properties throughout the Washington, DC metro area. For example, we recently closed a $3M second deed of trust on a shopping center in Maryland.

We provide loans for the acquisition, renovation and stablization of commercial office and retail properties throughout the Washington, DC metro area. For example, we recently closed a $3M second deed of trust on a shopping center in Maryland. Learn more here.