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Client Testimonials

Why Borrowers Love Working With Congressional Capital


Congressional Capital takes pride in the relationships we have developed with our borrowers. We become the go-to hard money lender and equity provider for almost every borrower that does business with us. Borrowers time and time again thank us for the speed we provide on the approvals and closings as well as the great terms with which we can provide them. But the main feedback we are proud of is that our borrowers treat us like a trusted advisor in their projects. They value our experience, skills and local knowledge, and we hope you will too.


But don't take our word on it – here are a few testimonials from our borrowers:​

Congressional Capital is not your average hard money lender. Brian Athey and his team will be integrally involved in helping you analyze the potential hurdles and opportunities specific to your project. They are so effective because they own a real estate development business, and have extensively developed properties in and around the District of Columbia. As such, you get more than just funding; you get experts who can help streamline your project by helping you uncover inefficiencies and providing effective solutions. They will connect you with professionals that will maximize the value of your project. The expertise they provide is second to none in the District."
- L. Meade
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