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Funding Great People. Developing Great Properties.


About Congressional Capital

Congressional Capital provides loans to borrowers throughout the Washington, DC area when speed and flexibility matter most.  We can fund a loan in as quickly as three days with no appraisal needed.  How?  Because we know the market and know a good deal when we see one.  We have funded hundreds of loans over the years and specialize in funding loans for the development of 2-30 unit residential properties and house flips, as well as commercial deals.   

We offer an easy ​hard money lending process that helps borrowers start projects in days, not months. Our team is committed to providing fair, flexible ​hard money loans in DC. We offer an easy application process for hard money loans. 


Brian Athey | President

Why Congressional Capital?


No prepayment penalties, no interest on undrawn construction funds, no Closing delays, quick draw funding-EASY. Learn more about our unbeatable terms...


We have closed on numerous deals in as short as 3-5 days and don't require appraisals to fund a Loan. Learn more about our lending process...


We know that it is critical for a lender to perform for its borrowers. Reliable execution is the cornerstone of our business.  So, you never have to worry about us not closing, delaying closing or delaying draw funding.  We closed loans in the early days of the pandemic when other lenders pulled out of the market because we know how important it is to be there for our borrowers when they need us most. Learn more about what sets us apart...


We are very experienced in development single family-homes and multi-family projects in the Washington D.C. area. We use this experience to help our borrowers by connecting them to lawyers, architects, construction professionals and sharing our knowledge to them successfully execute their projects . See some of the projects we financed...


We believe in building trusted relationships with our borrowers, which is why so many of our borrowers have been so loyal to us over the years.  Trust is at the cornerstone of what we do-our borrowers trust us to do the right thing and we trust them much the same. ​Learn more about what our clients think of us...


We fund real estate loans from $150k to $5M in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Florida. Check out our FAQ...

Project Portfolio

We have funded hundreds of developments projects over the years, from small, cosmetic renovations of single family homes to the ground upon construction of condominium and apartment projects with multi-million dollar construction budgets.  We have also funded several loans on shopping center and other commercial deals with tremendous success over the years.  While we can't list all of our projects, below are some projects that are representative of the types of loans we regularly fund.     

Please contact us if you would like examples of other types of projects.​

1222 Neal Street NE Exteriors Low Res_5005.jpeg
1222 Neal Street NE
4 Unit Condo Project
1518 10th Street NW Low Res_1009.jpeg
1518 10th Street NW
Rowhouse Addition & Renovation
Five Point flats Opening.jpeg
1532 N Capitol Street NW
Ground Up Development
2301 Ontario Road NW #302 Low Res_1002.jpeg
2301 Ontario Road NW
7 Unit Condo Project
3602 Taylor Road Bethesda Abridged 1 Low Res_1054.jpeg
3602 Taylor Street
Ground Up Single Family
2803 Chesapeake St NW
New Single Family

Residential & Commercial

Our Number 1 Goal is to Help our Borrowers be Successful!  How do we do this?  As an experienced developer and lender, we use our experience to help you succeed-by sharing our knowledge and connections. 

So whether you are doing a house flip, condo conversion, new construction, renovation/rehab or other residential or commercial development, look to us first for your hard money loan needs.  We are the leading private lender in the Washington, DC area - find out why!  

Questions About Obtaining a Hard Money Loan in D.C.?

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